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Why do you get 2 energy labels with your fridge?

Since 1 March 2021, the European Union has given fridges a new energy label. These range from class A to G. That means there no longer any classes above A, like A+++. It's possible that you receive both a new label and an old label during the transition period. On this page, you can read what this means.

Why a new label?

New energy label

The European Union uses energy labels to stimulate both manufacturers and customers to make energy-efficient choices. To make the distinctions more clear, the EU has introduced a new energy label with stricter requirements for the testing process. Since 1 March 2021, all fridges have this new label. It's possible that you receive both this label and the old label.

What has changed?


The classes on the new energy label range from G up to A. Your new fridge will score quite a bit lower on the new energy label compared to the label from 2012. That is because of the stricter requirements for the testing process. The EU now takes into account the type of product, the functioning, the room temperature, and the number and size of the compartments. This way, you get a better idea of how energy-efficient the fridge actually is.

New layout

New layout

In addition to the new layout, the new energy label also has a QR code in the top right corner. When you scan it, it'll take you to the database with technical specifications from the European Union. The label also has new icons and assigns a class to the noise level.

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