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Available now: Xbox One X

A new console is always big news. The Xbox One S only just hit the market. The Xbox team doesn't seem intimidated by the lead of Sony PS4 Pro. Does Project Scorpio have little to fear from its main competitor? Microsoft has shown its teeth and its powerful new 4K console, the Xbox One X is available.

Xbox One X

  • The One X is smaller than its predecessor and therefore takes up less space.
  • With the water cooling system, I no longer suffer from a heated console.
  • On a 4K TV game you play in 4K at 60 fps and in HDR.
  • All Xbox One accessories and games are compatible with the One X.
  • I need to connect the console to a 4K TV to experience 4K gaming.

The unveiling

E3 2017, the Microsoft presentation started well right away: Project Scorpio is no more, it's all about the new Xbox One X. You can read everything about the unveiling and the accompanying information here . Click here to view the Xbox One X or to put it in your shopping cart, so you can get started with a brand new console tomorrow.

The design

The design

Finally the design of this long-awaited console can be seen: compact, deep black and unmistakable part of the One family. With the absence of the cooling perforation of the housing, the design of the One X looks even more minimalist than that of the Xbox One S and certainly a lot more elegant than its old, lumpy One brother. The console is anything but shrieking and would certainly not be out of place in a prominent place in the living room.

The technology

The technology

How is it possible that the One X is smaller than the Xbox One S? That S is secretly already for Small? For the One X, Microsoft has pulled out a technological glimpse of Whoop-ass. The brain of the console has been completely redesigned and the cooling and feeding technologies have been specially designed for the One X. All this leads to a small console with vapor chamber water cooling and thanks to the built-in power supply you no longer suffer from a blunt external AC adapter behind your TV. In short, a lot of computing power in a small house.

4K and Full HD

Smaller, stylish and well-cooled, but what about what we are all about: gaming. The images that we see during the presentation run according to Microsoft all on an Xbox One X. From the latest images of Anthem in 4K to smaller games like The Last Night which by the One X via supersampling show more detail, with 6 Teraflops to computing power must this new console has to tap the 60 fps in almost every game and therefore have to stay stable. HDR is also on hand if your TV supports it. Black becomes really black with improved contrast values. Horror games become even scarier, because you see more detail of the dark creatures that crawl through the shadows...


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