Eurom split air conditioners

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Eurom split air conditioners come in different versions. The Eurom air conditioner always consists of an inner and outer unit. What's more important is whether you want to have it installed or not. And, do you want WiFi or not? There are split air conditioners available that you can easily install yourself if you have some technical knowledge. Other Eurom air conditioners should be installed and mounted by a licensed technician. These air conditioners also include installation by default. A split air conditioner without WiFi can still become a smart air conditioner with the Eurom WiFi kit.

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  • Maximum space: 100 m3
  • Maximum cooling capacity (BTU): 12000 BTU
  • Dehumidification per day: 31 l
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  • Maximum space: 150 m3
  • Maximum cooling capacity (BTU): 18000 BTU
  • Dehumidification per day: 43 l
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