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The Coolblue CYOD Store

With Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), you give your employees the freedom to choose which laptop, mobile phone, or tablet they use during their work. In your own Coolblue CYOD Store, your employees can choose from a range selected by you. Please contact us for the possibilities.

What is a CYOD Store?

You can easily arrange your device policy in the Coolblue CYOD store. You select together which devices are available with us. We take care of the entire logistics and delivery and deliver the quality you can expect from Coolblue. A CYOD store can be realized within two weeks.

What are the advantages?

  • Coolblue supplies a protected and personalized portal in your house style.

  • Decide together with Coolblue which devices and accessories you offer.

  • Let your employees order the desired products themselves, without paying in advance.

  • You have no more worries about the declarations, delivery, guarantees or the defective products.

  • Our customer service is available to employees daily until 23:59.

  • You'll receive one clear invoice. So easy.

  • You'll think it's a shame that you can't show your CYOD Store to the rest of the world

You go through these steps

Step 1: Request a CYOD store.

Step 2: One of our experts will contact you. Together, you coordinate the best assortment for your employees.

Step 3: We'll start creating your personalized portal.

Step 4: When you're satisfied with the portal set up, we create the accounts for the employees. They can log in with the email addresses you provided. The Business Credit is linked to their account and can only be spent on the range of your choice.

Step 5: We'll let your employees know that they have access to the CYOD store. When they order, they'll receive their product for free the next day.

Frequently asked questions

Within the Coolblue Company Store, you determine the assortment with the account manager. We can offer all major manufacturers, from Apple to HP and from Samsung to Microsoft.

Yes! Contact us to discuss all possibilities.

With Choose Your Own Device (CYOD), you give employees the choice to select a laptop that the company remains the owner of. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) gives your employees the opportunity to choose a laptop they own. Both options are possible at Coolblue.

Yes, we can offer a replacement laptop within 48 hours. Contact us for more information.

Our account managers look at your wishes and help you determine your assortment. We'll then ensure a fast delivery. Ordered today, a happy employee tomorrow.
Questions For a friend.
Questions For a friend.

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More information about the CYOD store? Request a demo without obligations

We're happy to tell you all about the possibilities our CYOD Store offers. You can request a demo without obligations. Our experts will contact you via phone within 1 working day.

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