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What does the process look like?

From the request to the implementation. To make things as clear as possible for you, we've... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What's the future of working from home?

'Work from home as much as possible.' The one sentence that comes up every single press conference. And that's exactly... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What's working from home in 2021?

Can you still remember what it was like? The conversations with colleagues next to the coffee machine, your team lunch... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

How can you work ergonomically?

Do you suffer from physical discomfort during or after work? Maybe it's your posture behind your desk. To prevent these... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you need to make business phone calls?

If you want to work from home effectively, it's important that people can easily reach you. Especially if you have a job... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you need to work sitting down?

It's important you have the right products at home if you want to work in a productive and healthy way. Especially if... ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What do you need to work standing up?

Sedentary work results in physical complaints. Especially if you have a poor working posture and don't move around enough...

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