Written by Thijs Heemskerk


Core values

Our culture is our success. Started out as a group of friends, and we're still a group of friends. One made up of smart, entrepreneurial experts. It's important that everyone understands why we do things the way we do. That everyone embraces our culture and consistently carries out our values.

These are our core values. They describe who we are and what we stand for. What connects us and how we interact.


Real, unconventional Coolbluers. We're proud of them. That's why we show them off in our commercials and on our websites. Exactly the way they are.

Unconventionality means that Coolbluers can can be themselves and dare to be just that, whether that's introverted or loud. That might seem like it doesn't work, but it's what connects us.


There are few companies where so many colleagues are also friends. That is our strength. Because friends only want the best for each other. Because together, we know more than we know alone. Because friends tell each other the truth. And because it's fun.

Friendship is based on equality. That's why ties are the least-worn pieces of clothing in the Coolblue office. Why Coolbluers tell each other what they really think. And why we talk to customers in an honest, open, and direct way.

Go for it

Less talk, more action. Actions speak louder than words. We've got plenty of sayings for it here in Rotterdam. At Coolblue we sum up our down-to-earth mentality in three simple words: Go for it.

An idea is worth nothing without execution. We always prefer speed over waiting until everyone has approved. We grew by getting a little better every day. Step by step, detail after detail: go for it. Not everything works right away, not everything goes well the first time. But we still try. We make mistakes and we learn.


We're constantly changing. Sometimes because we can, sometimes because we have to. From the start, Coolblue was set up in a flexible way to support our rapid growth. We don't say 'because we always do it like that' around here.

Flexibility is also reflected in our obsessive focus on customer satisfaction. Want your washing machine in the attic instead of the basement? No worries. Did you return a package a day late? Not a problem. Exceptions exist to be made. 'Just because' is also a valid reason to us.

Simply amaze

Simply amaze. Two contradictory words. But that makes them incredibly Coolblue. Unconventional and down to earth. The word simply says a lot. We've simply made a clear website where customers can simply place an order. We'll simply place that order in a box and simply send it to the customer. For free, of course.

Amaze means exceeding expectations. Taking that extra step to surprise a customer. Make them smile. A smile seems like something ordinary, but requires you to do something special.

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