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Our choice for big curls
  • Type krultang: Vertical
  • Diameter krultang: 32 mm
  • Warm-up time: 0,5 min
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  • With this curling iron, you can make large curls or a large wave, because the curling bar has a diameter of no less than 32 millimeters.
  • The curling iron heats up quickly, while the ceramic coating protects your hair for the curling iron's heat while you're curling.
  • Thanks to the combination of the above properties, the Remington Ci9532 Pearl Pro Curl is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for natural curls
  • Type krultang: Conical
  • Diameter krultang: 19 - 28 mm
  • Warm-up time: 30 s
Delivered tomorrow
  • Create natural curls quickly, thanks to the tapered rod with a diameter of 13.3 to 25 millimeters.
  • The curling rod, impregnated with keratin and almond oil, nourishes your hair as you curl it, and also protects it from the iron's heat.
  • Other products in this price range don't have the above properties, which is why the Remington AS8810 Keratin Protect Rotating Air Styler is Coolblue's Choice.

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