Corona regulations: delivery and installation questions

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That is possible. We'll just put your package near the front door. We can take your old product with us when you put it outside for us. Would you rather make a new appointment? No problem. Please contact our Customer Service.

Yes, you can go to almost all PostNL pickup points. When you place your order via our website, you can see all opening hours of your favorite pickup points. Or go to the PostNL location tool.

Yes. Based on the most current information about the coronavirus, we determine if it's still safe. As soon as the situation changes and installation is no longer possible, we'll work with you to find a new date to install your solar panel(s).

Health issues Do you have any health issues yourself? Let us know. We'll make a new appointment for the installation together.

__ Buy solar panels and charging poles__ You can still buy solar panels and charging poles. Our advisers are still available to advise you on the best solar panel system for you. They do this remotely and from home.

Hygienic measures around the installation We've taken a number of measures for the safety of our customers and our installers. For example, we keep an appropriate distance and we no longer shake hands. Not as friendly, but much safer. We also keep our vans extra clean, of course.

Yes. Our delivery drivers wear a face mask, keep a distance of 1.5 meters, and sign for delivery themselves. We also ask you to keep a distance of 1.5 meters when our delivery drivers deliver your order.

Small products
If you ordered a small package, the delivery driver will put the package in front of the door as soon as you open it.

Large products
We'll deliver your large products to just over the threshold of your home. We'll only take your old product with you when it's ready at the threshold.

Products with additional connection services
For some products, we offer additional connection services. Extra hygienic measures apply to ensure safe delivery. We'll explain this in videos:

Prepare for a safe delivery of your product by following our rules. You can watch the video for white goods or televisions, or read more below.

Symptom-free delivery Does someone in your household have symptoms such as a cough, cold, or fever? Make sure not to order until everyone in your household hasn’t shown any symptoms for at least 3 days. Did you already order? Please contact our customer service to plan a safer delivery moment.

The preparation

  • Open all doors that the delivery drivers have to go through and remove obstacles.
  • Disinfect areas and items the delivery drivers have to touch. For example, your TV cabinet and the banisters. If we're going to build in a product, we also ask you to disinfect the front panel handles and the baseboards.
  • Do you have an old product that we’ll pick up for you? Disconnect and disinfect it.
  • Are we going to build in a product? Make sure the cabinets are clear. We'll be able to get started right away.
  • Are we going to install a TV? Write the name and the password of the WiFi network down for the delivery driver.
  • Are we going to hang a TV? Make sure there is about 3 square meters of free and disinfected room in the area surrounding the TV to work in..

During delivery

  • During delivery, you should stay 1.5 meters away from our delivery drivers. Always have a maximum of 2 people in the same room. For example, is our delivery driver working on the installation in the living room? You can stay, but your roommate should go do something else. If there are 2 delivery drivers working on the installation of a washing machine, for example, no one else but them should be in that room.

To make sure the installation can be done as quickly as possible, we've gathered extra tips for the preparation.

Yes. You can select the extra installation services on the page of your chosen product.

Yes. If you choose delivery, your package will be delivered to your home.

Yes, we still deliver your order at home, even in the evening. Don't want us to come in the evening? For large products, such as washing machines and dishwashers, you can choose a time slot for the morning or afternoon.

Yes, you can simply order your product online. You can choose a 1-hour time slot to pick it up. This is possible from 4 hours after you order if the product is in stock. Is the product not in stock in your nearest store? Then you can order it to be picked up the next day.

You'll also have to pay in advance so you can pick up your order even faster and safer. Cash payments are temporarily not possible.

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