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We're sorry. We'd like to ask you to contact our customer service so we can speak to you about this.

Is your product damaged? We pack up our product as well as possible, but your product may get damaged during delivery. We're happy to solve this for you. Fill out the return form within 30 days. It offers you the possibility to have your damaged product replaced by a new one. You can also return your product in one of our stores. Clearly state that your product was delivered in damaged condition and tell us your preferred solution, so we can do the best we can to help you. Of course, the normal return process applies here. This means that we pick up big or heavy packages, and returns are always free.

Keep an eye on your Track & Trace to see the most up-to-date information about your delivery. Ordered today, delivered tomorrow. That's our promise and you can trust in that. Do things ever wrong? Well, almost never. In the exceptional case things do go wrong, we'll do everything we can to deliver your package as soon as possible.

You're expecting a package, but it hasn't been delivered. That's a bummer! Check the following first:

- Check the Track & Trace code of the package You can find the Track & Trace code in the shipping confirmation. Check if the time slot has changed using this link.

- Check the delivery address Did you enter the correct delivery address?

- Check your mailbox Did you receive a not-home notification? The package may have been delivered to your neighbors, or the delivery driver may have planned a new delivery moment.

No package? Please contact our Customer Service.

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