Sorry, a thousand times over. We're really obsessed with customer satisfaction. We sometimes completely miss the mark too, though. And now you're at a disadvantage. We can't let that happen.

Now what?

  • We're happy to resolve your complaint. This is easiest if you contact our Customer Service. We're available daily via phone, email, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • Not satisfied with your answer? Go big and address our Customer Service manager. You can email him ( or send a letter to the address below. You'll get an answer within 3 working days.

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Would you rather speak to an employee? Please call our Customer Service.

You can easily cancel it in My Coolblue. You can only cancel if your order hasn't left the warehouse yet. Was your order already shipped? You can refuse it at the door or return it for free via the online return form.

Don't have a Coolblue account? You can quickly get into contact with us via WhatsApp. Send a message to let us know that you want to cancel your order to 060626652583 and make sure to include the order number.

Because of the coronavirus, this information is no longer correct. View our current frequently asked questions for more information.

With Second Chance products, you can expect the same delivery as with new products. Ordered before 23:59, delivered tomorrow. Even on Sundays.

The same conditions apply to Second Chance as for new products. There are a few exceptions:

  • You can't get an extra insurance plan for your Second Chance product.
  • Cashback promotions and promotions that include free accessories don't apply to Second Chance products.
  • It's possible the Second Chance product was repaired by us or the manufacturer. If so, we'll clearly state this.
  • It's not possible to pick up your product in store or to reserve it.

Yes, the same return conditions apply to Second Chance products as to new products. You can easily register your return via the online return form.

View our Second chance overview with all the products in need of a second chance here. Use the filters in the menu on the left to find the type of product or brand you're looking for.

A Second Chance product is a product that has been returned or exchanged by a customer. The product is checked by us and if it's in good condition, we give it a second chance. We'll tell you what is wrong with all Second Chance products. We describe it clearly and show the proof in the photo. That way, you know exactly what to expect.

By offering Second Chance products, we help you and the environment move forward:

  • __Reduced price: __ even though there is almost no difference with the brand new product, we offer Second Chance products with a nice discount.
  • __Go for green: __ By offering Second Chance products ourselves, we avoid unnecessary disposal and destruction of products.

You can find all our Second Chance products here.

Did you order something that was sent to an incorrect address and haven't received a shipping confirmation yet? Tell our Customer Service. We'll check whether we can still change the address of the shipment. If you're moving, you can easily change your address in your Coolblue account.

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