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Yes. You can give your employees a physical or digital gift card. Read all about the gift card as a business gift here.

We're happy to make a quote. This requires a minimum order value of € 1000 excluding VAT or a minimum of 4 units of the same product.

As a business customer, you can also order on account and pay later. You must have been registered with the Chamber of Commerce for at least 1 year. Contact Coolblue B2B to apply for credit.

That depends on your wishes. Please contact your accountmanager at Coolblue Business.

Contact Coolblue Business for a personalized quote. The fastest way for us to help you is via email. Email the Coolblue product link, amount, and your contact information to zakelijk@coolblue.nl and we'll send you a personalized quote as soon as possible. Do you prefer to call? Call us on 010 79 88 969. We're available from Monday until Friday from 08:00 to 17:30.

Is the product 'temporarily sold out'? That means we don't have the product in stock. Register on the product page to stay informed. You'll receive a notification via email or SMS as soon as the product is available again. Is the product 'never in stock again'? That means that the product will never be in stock again. We'll make sure we have a newer model in our assortment, or we'll point you to the best alternatives.

Contact your account manager if you want advice on an alternative product that we do have in stock.

Yes, we offer an OCI connection. This allows you to place an order at Coolblue from your purchasing system. You need a purchasing system or ERP system for this. Do you want to connect your purchasing system to Coolblue? Contact Coolblue Business.

No, Coolblue always puts Dutch VAT on the invoices. If your company is VAT-liable, you can reclaim the VAT via your VAT return. There are only a couple of cases in which we don't charge VAT or shift the VAT to you. For example, if you have a valid Dutch VAT number and place an order for over € 10,000 per product type (mobile phones, computer chips, laptops, tablets, or consoles).

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