You can't do that yourself, but our customer service can. Please contact us.

If you've bought a product, we'll email you instructions to write a review about it. There's also another way. You can go to orders in your account, click 'view order', and then 'write a review'.

Note: the review you write has to meet our review guidelines.

We review each review manually before we post it on the website. We set up a couple of guidelines for this.

We would like a review to:

  • be supported by opinions and facts;
  • explain how and where you use the product;
  • be written comprehensibly with well-cared for language;
  • consist of at least 20 words;
  • contain pros and cons.

We won't post your review if:

  • you use offensive language;
  • it's written in a language other than Dutch or English;
  • it's plagiarized, for example by using marketing agencies;
  • it contains contact information such as phone numbers, addresses, and websites;
  • it mentions changing information such as prices;
  • if mentions other webshops or stores;
  • the contents are lacking, for example one-word reviews.

The same review guidelines as for a regular review apply.

We set up a couple of guidelines.

Examples of good images:

  • Photos taken with the product, for example with your smartphone or camera.
  • The product in action, such as your food processor in the kitchen or your smartphone in your hand.
  • Remarkable details, such as the control panel of your camera or the inside of your backpack.
  • Explanatory screen shots of the settings of your laptop, for example.

We don't post any images if they're:

  • Irrelevant images.
  • Offensive or explicit images.
  • Poor quality or files that aren't in JPEG or PNG format.
  • Files larger than 16MB.

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