You order a product with a subscription via the blue button on the product page. You fill in your details and go through an automatic test (done by Focum). If you pass the test, you have to make a one-time payment. We'll deliver the product to you at the time you've chosen. Do you want to cancel the order? You can do this in your My Coolblue account. Do you want to change the order? Please contact our Customer Service.

You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee after you get your subscription. This means that you can cancel the agreement without reason. After that, the contract will be final and you can't cancel it. If you want to cancel anyway, you'll have to pay the remaining months. During the term, it's possible to transfer the contract to someone else.

After 12 months, you can cancel your subscription every month, free of charge. We apply a notice period of 1 month. Coolblue will collect the product and process it in an environmentally-friendly manner. You also have the option to purchase the product after 12 months. You can call our Customer Service for this and they can offer you a purchase option at your request. You're not obliged to accept the offer, of course.

You can transfer a contract to someone else free of charge. To arrange this, please contact our Customer Service. They'll ask for the details of the person who will take over the contract and send them an email for a confirmation. The new person on the contract can confirm the subscription via a payment of 1 cent. The contract term will then continue as usual. The minimum contract period of one year won't start again after a transfer.

The costs of a subscription are automatically charged to your account every month. If you want to change the account number, please contact our Customer Service.

When ordering a product with a subscription, you first have to make a one-time payment. After that, you pay a fixed amount per month via direct debit. We'll charge the subscription costs to your account around the 29th of each month. The first charge will be higher because you have to pay for the current and next month. For example, if you take get a subscription on 15 May, you pay for half a month of May and the following month of June.

If you're moving, we'll move your white goods or large kitchen appliances for you. You can contact our Customer Service to let us know when you want the product to be picked up and when it should be delivered to the new address. We offer this service 1 time every 2 years.

With a subscription from Coolblue, you get a high-quality product that always works for a fixed amount per month. Any necessary repairs or replacements are free, so you'll never have to be without your product. After 1 year, you can cancel the subscription monthly, free of charge. We'll come pick up the product, because it remains property of Coolblue. A subscription isn't a payment type.

If your subscription product breaks, you can contact our Customer Service. We'll ensure that your product is repaired or replaced quickly. No need to worry about the warranty and repair costs. We'll take care of that within 48 hours if you have white goods or large kitchen appliances.

A subscription via Coolblue runs for a minimum of 12 months. After these 12 months, the contract will continue for as long as you want. You can then cancel it free of charge every month. If you want to cancel the contract within the first 12 months, you still have to pay for the remaining months.

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