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Bummer! In this case, it's best to contact the manufacturer since they will pay out the cashback.

A cashback is a manufacturer campaign which refunds you part of the purchase price. Cashback deals are always handled by the manufacturer rather than Coolblue.

During the promotion, you can find the promotional terms and conditions and a link to the promotional form or to the website of the manufacturer on the product page. Here, you'll find exactly what you have to do to receive your cashback. Sometimes, you'll have to register on the website of the manufacturer, or send them your receipt, the barcode on the packaging, and the filled-out voucher. You'll always receive the cashback after your purchase. It's not calculated beforehand. It often takes a few weeks before the manufacturer transfers the amount to your bank account.

If both a discount and a cashback apply to a product, both promotions are valid. Note: since a cashback is handled via the manufacturer, you won't receive your discount when you check out at Coolblue. The cashback is always handled via the manufacturer, not via Coolblue.

Bummer! You have to apply for a cashback via the manufacturer. We advise you to contact the manufacturer, since they'll be able to help you.

Unfortunately, cashbacks don't apply to Second Chance products.

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