Incomplete or wrong product

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Received an iron instead of that new laptop? Oops! Please contact our Customer Service. They're there for you 7 days a week and they'll fix it as fast as possible.

Aren't all the parts or accessories in the box? That's a bummer! Fill out the return form within 30 days and clearly state which parts are missing. Also state which of these two solutions you prefer:

  • Exchange the product: Your new product will be delivered one day after receiving the return in our warehouse.
  • Back order the missing part: We'll request the missing part from the supplier or find the part in our warehouse. In most cases, the missing part will be delivered within 2 weeks. If this takes longer, we'll let you know. Don't forget to state the serial number of the product when you submit it. That way, we can back order the product even faster. What if we can't back order the part? We'll contact you and exchange the product for you after all.

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