As soon as we receive your product, we'll send you a new one. It'll be with you the next day. Is the new product out of stock? We'll notify you and you'll get your money back.

Bring your product to one of our stores. Our experts are happy to help you find a product that does suit you. You don't have to submit your product via the website, but it is a good idea to keep an order number ready.

Already know which product you want to exchange it for. Reserve your new product on our website first. You can do this by ordering the product and indicating that you want to pick the product up in the store while completing your order. You won't have to pay anything yet. We'll let you know when your new product will be in the store right away.

Cheaper product Did you find a cheaper option that meets your demands? We'll transfer the remaining amount to your account within 3 days after reception.

More expensive product Are you going for an upgrade and is your new product more expensive? We'll send you a payment request for the remaining amount. After receiving your payment, we'll ship the product to you.

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