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Can I register extra large products, such as white goods and kitchen appliances, as a return online as well?

Yes, you can also do this via the online return form. After your registration, we'll let you know exactly what the next steps are.

How do I register my return online?

You can do this easily and quickly via the online return form.

Is your product not listed with the orders? It's possible that you're logged into the wrong My Coolblue account. Log in with the email address that you originally purchased your product with.

Can I return my product in the store?

Yes, you can drop off your product in one of our stores. You don't have to register your return in advance and you don't have to print anything. In the case of a defect, we'll first try to find a solution ourselves. If that doesn't work, we'll send your product to be repaired.

Good to know: Did you pay in cash? When you return a product in our stores, we'll refund up to € 50 in cash. Is the amount over € 50 or did you not pay in cash? We'll refund the amount to your account.

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