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Steps in the return process

Unfortunately, that's not possible. Your product has to be processed in our warehouse first. As soon as we receive your product, we'll send you a new one. It'll be with you the next day. Is the new product out of stock? We'll notify you and you'll get your money back.

You can read that on our information page.

No, it's free. You can put your product in its original packaging and send it to us in a Coolblue box or other sturdy box that you can close properly.

Print the shipping label in your email and stick it on the box. Don't have a printer? Write the return number, freepost number, and your name on the box. Take the box to a post office in your area or one of our stores.

This depends on the specific product. We offer different solutions for small products and large products.

  • __ Most products__ can be returned to us. Pack up the product and send it to us via a PostNL point in your area for free.
  • We usually pick up large products such as white goods and kitchen appliances.

Do you want to know if your product is being picked up? We'll always let you know via email after your product has been registered. Keep a close eye on your email (and possibly the spam folder).

  1. Register your return via the online return form.
  2. Prepare your product for the return trip:
  • Pack the product well. If you can, use the original packaging. That way, the chances of the product getting damages are less. No longer have the original packaging? No problem, we'll look at the condition of your returned product and determine what the depreciation is based on that.
  • Ship the product in a Coolblue box or another box that closes well.
  1. Within one hour after registering your return, you'll receive a confirmation email with a return number and shipping label. Print out the shipping label or write the freepost and return number on the outer box.
  2. Send the package to us for free via a PostNL point in your area.
  3. Sit back and keep an eye on the status via My Coolblue.

As soon as we've processed your return, we'll refund you within 5 working days. The time it takes for a refund to appear on your bank account depends on the payment method.

You might get your money back in several installments. This can be due to two things:

  • You've paid for your order with a gift card, either completely or partially. You'll get refunded with shop credit.

  • You've exchanged a product for a different one. In that case, we'll refund the purchase value of the first product to the payment method you used to pay the first time. Did you pay an additional amount for the replacement product? You'll be refunded that amount separately.

  • Did you pay with cash? In our stores, we refund an amount up to € 50 in cash. We'll refund any amount above € 50 to your bank account.

Cheaper product We'll transfer the remaining amount to your account within 5 days after reception.

More expensive product We'll send you a payment request for the remaining amount. After receiving your payment, we'll ship the product to you.

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