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Did you buy a Backup Plan, but don't want an insurance after all? You have 30 days to change your mind. During this period, you can cancel your insurance free of charge. You can do this by calling our Customer Service. We'll reimburse the premium you've paid in advance. The only condition is that you haven't made a claim during this period.

Yes, you'll have 30 days to change your mind. If you return your product within 30 days, we'll also reimburse the premium for the insurance. This also only applies if you haven't made a claim during this period. We'll arrange the termination with the insurer.

The way you cancel your insurance depends on the date you got it. Before 1 October 2018: ACTUA. After 1 October 2018: ERGO.

Did you make a one-time payment at ACTUA or ERGO? One-time paid insurances end automatically.

Do you pay ACTUA monthly? A Backup Plan you pay for monthly, like with mobile phones, can be terminated after a minimum of 12 months with a one month notice. Would you like to terminate your insurance? Contact the Actua Service Center via telephone: 010 - 4477100.

Did you request your Backup Plan less than 14 days ago? Contact us

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