It's never nice to have broken product, so we'll solve this for you as soon as possible. You can easily submit the broken product via the return form. Did your product break within 30 days of purchase? You can also get your money back, or exchange your product for a new one. Have had the product longer? We'll have the products repaired. We'll make sure repairs don't last longer than 3 weeks.

Does the problem occur during the warranty period, or does it concern a manufacturing error? In those cases, repairs are free. We can also help if you caused the defect.

For free Does your screen of your laptop turn black even though it's always on the kitchen table? In that case, it's a manufacturing defect and repairs and shipping are completely free.

Costs Does your laptop display a black screen after you've spilled coffee on it? This is damage caused by usage. The costs are yours. Unfortunately, we can't indicate what the costs will be in advance. First, we have to examine your product, create a quote, and wait for your decision before we can start repairing your product.

You returned your broken product and you'll receive a new one. You'll receive shop credit in case we won't be able to repair it, or if the repair takes too long. When the repair costs exceed the value of the product, we'll ensure that a new product will be sent to you. If the repair service can't repair the product within 3 weeks, we'll provide you with another solution.

You'll receive shop credit when your product is no longer in the assortment or if it's temporarily sold out. This way, you can choose a new product yourself. You can redeem your shop credit by contacting our customer service.

Did the repair service determine the defect was caused by user damage? You'll receive a quote.

Before we start repairing your product, we'll tell you how much it's going to cost, so you can decide if you agree.

The quote will give you three options:

  1. You agree to the quote. The product will be repaired. In most cases, you'll have your product back within 2 weeks of agreeing to the quote. If it takes longer, we'll let you know.
  2. You don't agree to the quote, but you do want your product back. You'll have to pay €39,95 in research costs and you'll receive your product back.
  3. You don't agree to the quote and don't want the product back. You won't have to pay research costs, and the product will be destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

You can follow the status of your repair via My Coolblue.

We'll also keep you updated via email. In case your repair takes more than 2 weeks, we'll send you an email to keep you up to date. If we've received information from the repair service we'll mention this. The repair service could be waiting for parts and your product is now being processed, for example.

If your repair takes longer than 3 weeks, we'll find a different solution for you.

You're about to do the laundry, but your washing machine stops working. Or maybe you notice your fridge isn't as cool as it should be. Bummer! In most cases, a repair service can stop by so your appliance doesn't have to be moved.

This is what we'll do for you:

  1. Register your product via the online return form and clearly state your complaint.
  2. We'll contact the manufacturer and make sure they call you within 2 days to schedule an appointment for a repair service to come by.
  3. During the phone call, the repair service might ask for some extra information. For example, to determine whether they should take certain tools with them to help you faster. Tip! Take a photo of the product sticker with the serial number and other relevant information. You'll be sure to have all the right information at hand when the repair service calls you.
  4. The repair service will try to solve the problem during the first visit. Still doesn't work? The repair service or manufacturer will contact you for a follow-up appointment, for example if they need other tools.

No more warranty on your Apple, Samsung or Huawei smartphone/tablet or a defect outside the warranty? We'll repair it. Send us your phone, or visit one of our repair stores.

You can register your product here

All promises in a row:

  • 12-month warranty.
  • No examination charges.
  • If you register online, you'll have your smartphone back within 48 hours after we receive it.
  • Repaired within 2 hours in one of our repair stores.
  • Need help signing up? You're welcome at the service desk in one of our Coolblue stores for all your questions. Or send an email to
  • Fixed prices. This avoids unpleasant surprises.

Repair time varies per product or per problem. Do you need for a new part or is a software reset the problem?

It's always a bummer when you can't use your product for a while. We'll make sure repairs never last longer than 3 weeks, starting from the moment you received the shipment confirmation from us.

What if the product can't be repaired or if it takes too long? We'll fix the problem in a different way. We first check whether we can send you a brand new product. Do we no longer carry your product or is it out of stock? We'll refund you in shop credit, so you can find a new product yourself. This way, we can try to make the best out of it.

Some products have to be prepared for shipment extra well. Not only to protect them from shipping damage, but also in order to secure your data. We often have to remove all data from your device in order to repair it.

  • Create a backup of the data you don't want to lose.
  • Delete accounts by resetting the product to its factory settings. Read how to reset your smartphone to its factory settings here.
  • Turn off 'Find my iPhone'. Otherwise, we're not allowed to repair your product.
  • Remove your SIM from your phone or your SD card from your camera.

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