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Our choice for a fully-integrated built-in dishwasher with a long lifespan (niche height 80.5 - 87cm)
Miele G 4383 SC Vi / Built-in / Fully integrated / Niche height 80.5 - 87 cm
Coolblue's Choice
  • Location control panel: Interior
  • Type of dishwasher: Fully integrated
  • Niche height: 80,5 - 87 cm
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  • The dishwasher has space for 14 dishes with plenty of space for serveware.
  • Do not be afraid of water on your kitchen floor, because the dishwasher has triple leak protection.
  • Thanks to the good price-quality ratio, this Miele G 4383 SC Vi is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for an energy-efficient semi integrated built-in dishwasher (niche height 81.5 - 87.5cm)
Bosch SMI45IS04E / Built-in / Semi-integrated / Niche height 81.5-87.5cm
Coolblue's Choice
  • Location control panel: Outside
  • Type of dishwasher: Semi-integrated
  • Niche height: 81,5 - 87,5 cm
Delivered tomorrow
  • Save on your energy bill and go the extra mile for the environment with this energy-efficient A+++ dishwasher.
  • The zeolite drying technique dries faster, better, and more energy-efficient.
  • Thanks to the combination of the above properties, this Bosch SMI45IS04E is Coolblue's Choice.