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Haier dryers

Haier dryers

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If you're looking for a new Haier dryer, you can choose from a heat pump dryer or a condenser dryer. A heat pump dryer is better for your energy bill. You can save up to € 999 over its lifespan if the machine has an A+++ energy label. In addition, your clothes will stay beautiful for longer thanks to the low drying temperature. Do you prefer a dryer that dries your clothes faster? Choose a condenser dryer. To refresh your clothes with steam, choose a Haier dryer with the i-Refresh steam function.

Heat pump dryer | Energy saving 1070 euros | Load capacity 9 kg
22% savings Retail price 829,- 649,-
In stock
Heat pump dryer | Energy saving 900 euros | Load capacity 8 kg
33% savings Retail price 749,- 499,-
In stock
Heat pump dryer | Energy saving 1070 euros | Load capacity 8 kg
19% savings Retail price 799,- 649,-
In stock
Condenser dryer | Energy saving | Load capacity 8 kg
In stock