Siemens electric kettles

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Boil your water for tea or pasta in a Siemens kettle. These kettles of plastic or stainless steel quickly boil a good amount of water. This allows your pasta to sink directly into the water and you do not have to wait until the water finally reaches the boiling point. A kettle siemens has a sleek design so that it does not go wrong in your modern kitchen. Do you want to go for a modern look? Then choose a stainless steel copy.

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Our choice for a kettle with Keep Warm function and adjustable temperature
Siemens TW86103P Sensor for Senses
  • Separate temperature settings: 90 °C
  • Color: Black
Delivered tomorrow
Second Chance from 57,-
  • Separate temperature settings: 100 °C
  • Color: Red
Delivered tomorrow

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