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Coolblue's Choice Exercise bikes for medical rehabilitation

The best product for you, according to our customers and experts.

Coolblue's Choice is the best product for you, according to our customers and experts. This product is hardly ever returned, and has the best reviews. You can be sure that you'll be happy with your choice.

2 exercise bikes
Our choice for a revalidation exercise bike
  • Maximum user weight: 135 kg
  • Intensity of use: Regularly
  • Mounting complexity: Simple
Retail price 699,- 599,-
In stock
In stock
  • The adjustable saddle, steering wheel, and the low pedals make sure you're seated properly and can easily get on the exercise bike.
  • Thanks to the low start wattage, you can build up the rehabilitation step by step and track your progress with the app afterwards.
  • Because other exercise bikes don't have these properties, the Flow Fitness Stelvio iConsole is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for a high-end exercise bike
  • Maximum user weight: 130 kg
  • Intensity of use: Intensive
  • Mounting complexity: Complex
In stock
In stock
  • You can train on the exercise bike for up to 12 hours per day thanks to its high build quality.
  • Connect the exercise bike to different applications for more training options.
  • Thanks to the combination of the above properties, this Tunturi FitCycle 90i Pro is Coolblue's Choice.

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