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Coolblue's Choice Combination ladders

The best product for you, according to our customers and experts.

Coolblue's Choice is the best product for you, according to our customers and experts. This product is hardly ever returned, and has the best reviews. You can be sure that you'll be happy with your choice.

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Our choice for a reform ladder for intensive use
  • Maximum working height: 7,7 m
  • Maximum standing height: 5,5 m
  • Storage height: 2,6 m
Delivered tomorrow
  • You can use the ladder in different ways, both extended against the wall and in the A position.
  • The special coating makes the ladder weather-resistant and there is no chance of wear.
  • Thanks to the combination of the above properties, the Altrex All Round 3x10 Reform Ladder Coated is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for a basic reform ladder
  • Maximum working height: 4,21 m
  • Maximum standing height: 2,21 m
  • Storage height: 1,65 m
Delivered tomorrow
  • Due to its spacious working height, the reform ladder easily reaches the window frames on the first floor.
  • The wide stability bar, anti-slip stands, and safety hooks make the ladder safe to use.
  • Thanks to this combination of properties, this is Coolblue's Choice for a basic reform ladder.

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