Coolblue's Choice Rotating multi-tools

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Our choice for detail work via power grid for the devoted DIYer
  • Power supply type: Grid current
  • Number of included accessories: 128
Delivered tomorrow
  • With 128 accessories and attachments, which come in a sturdy aluminum case, this is a very complete set.
  • Thanks to the low 0.6kg weight, you can keep working comfortably for a long time.
  • Because other multi-tools is its price range have less accessories, the Dremel 4000 Platinum Edition is Coolblue's Choice.
Our choice for battery-powered detail work for the devoted DIYer
  • Power supply type: Battery
  • Required battery/battery voltage (device): 12 V
  • Number of included accessories: 65
Delivered tomorrow
  • You can easily set the RPM, so you're guaranteed to get a nice result.
  • Because it runs on a battery, you're completely free in where you're using the versatile, rotating multi-tool.
  • Its good price-quality ratio makes the Dremel 8220 Platinum Edition our choice for devoted DIYer.