Samsung Galaxy A5 cases

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A case for your Samsung Galaxy A5 protects your device against falls, scratches, and bumps. Whether you're looking for a book case, flip case, back cover, or a different type of case, you'll find the right case for your Samsung Galaxy A5 at Coolblue. With a book case, you can protect both the front and rear of your device. Same goes for a flip case. With a back cover, you can protect the back and sides of the Samsung Galaxy A5. We have cases and covers for Samsung Galaxy A5 models from 2015, 2016, and 2017. Note: the Samsung Galaxy A5 comes in multiple editions. The cases for the various editions aren't interchangeable. A Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) case won't fit a Galaxy A5 (2017). Check which edition you have before buying a case.

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