Security and privacy

Security and privacy

The Coolblue app

Coolblue has its own app, so you can always find us in your back pocket. Nice and cosy. Once you download the app, you agree with the terms & conditions. You can also find this privacy policy in the App Store and Play Store. If you download the app, we'll register your IP address and information on how you use the app. Apple and Google will register the bundled demographic information of the total group of users.

You can find and order all kinds of products in our app. When you log in to My Coolblue, we’ll be able to show you relevant offers and ads as well. You’ll also find an overview of all your orders in your Coolblue account.

We look at from what country and in which language you’re using our app, so we can show you the correct range of products. When you’re logged in to the app, we’ll be able to show you relevant promotions and ads as well. Cookies will also be placed within our apps when you’re using it. They’re purely functional. By using the data, we can make the app a little bit better every day. And the cookies remember the content of your cart and make sure you stay logged in. Pretty neat.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more, for example where your data is stored or who has access to your data? You can read more here.

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