Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Ordering & pre-orders

We require your details in a few instances. For example, when you buy a product on our website or in one of our stores. We use your details to process your purchase in our records; or when we want to send you an invoice, you place a pre-order or just want to be kept up to date on our inventory. The latter we only do when you let us know we’re allowed to keep you up to date.

What do we want to know from you?

Hi there! We’re Coolblue, and what’s your name? We’ll make sure your name is presented on the invoice, in all its glory.

We put your address and place of residence on the invoice as well. We also use this as the delivery address. You can’t edit your invoice after you received it.

We use your phone number to send you a message about your order or about our inventory. We'll give you a call if something’s unclear, or just to check if everything went well. Saves us both a sleepless night. Other than this, we wouldn’t just randomly call you. We promise.

We use a secured environment for payments. When you pay with iDeal or through bank transfer, your details will be saved in our records in order to link the payment to your order. Next to this, we only use your account number when you receive money back from us.

When you pay with your credit card, we send your credit card details from our secured environment directly to Adyen. They process our credit card payments. We won’t be able to see your credit card details, Adyen will only tell us whether the payment was successful.

The following details are on our invoice: your first and last name, address, place of residence, invoice number, customer number and order number. You won’t be able to edit the invoice once you’ve received it.

We recognize you in our stores because of your beaming smile. But on the internet this smile is often behind of a computer, which we recognize through your IP address. By saving the IP addresses of our visitors, we will be able to provide our customers a secure shopping experience.

You’ll receive an email on your order or invoice, as well as when you’d like to order a product which is back in stock.

We record the serial and/or IMEI numbers of certain products. These numbers are also on your invoice. They’re useful identification numbers in case your product is lost or stolen.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more, for example where your data is stored or who has access to your data? You can read more here.

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