Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Returns & repairs

No one likes broken things. When your product’s broken or defective, you’ll of course want it to be fixed as soon as possible. Or you changed your mind about a product and you’d like to send it back within the cooling-off period. This is also possible of course. We repair or replace your product, depending on the warranty.

What do we want to know from you?

This is very useful for us to see what you’ve ordered, in order to help you as quickly as possible .

With your postal code and house number, we can see whether you’ve ordered the returned product with us.

We’ll call you to make an appointment for the repair; and when we’re on the way with our magic blue bus to fix or pick up your product. Sometimes we’ll give you a call to ask you how you thought it went. But we won’t randomly call you after that.

We email you the shipping label and keep you posted by email of the desired solution. We’ll email you an iDeal pay link in case you need to pay for the repair.

You’ll still be able to repair certain products with us which you haven’t purchased with Coolblue. We’ll need the following information to figure out whether we can help you further.

Hi there, we’re Coolblue. What’s your name?

It would be nice if you actually received your repaired order. Preferably where you live. With the right address, we’ll be able to deliver your order with lightning speed. Or at least at the maximum speed limit on the highway.

Sometimes we give you a call to ask you how you thought it went. We promise we won’t call at random at any other time.

We email you the shipping label and keep you posted by email on the status of the repair. You'll be able to pay for the repair through the iDeal pay link.

In case you haven’t bought the product at Coolblue, we’ll ask for specific product information. For example, the brand, model, type serial numbers and/or IMEI numbers.

We’ll need your password for some repairs. Before you provide us with the product, we ask you to change your password and share your new password with us. Once we’ve finished fixing the product, we’ll ask you to change your password again.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more, for example where your data is stored or who has access to your data? You can read more here.

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