Security and privacy

Security and privacy

Reviews & customer satisfaction research

We do anything for a smile. To check whether we’ve accomplished the smile-mission, we’ll send you an email or message through social media to measure your level of satisfaction. We’d like to know what we can do better, and it’s useful for other customers to assess whether they’d want to order their products with us.

For example, we’ll email you a customer satisfaction survey on the delivery of your refrigerator or to ask you if we’ve processed your complaint properly. We could also ask you by email to leave a review on your latest purchase. Or you’ll receive personalized tips and information on products based on your purchases with Coolblue.

If you’d rather not receive any emails, we won’t hold it against you, of course. You can adjust your email preferences in My Coolblue. Or you can unsubscribe with the unsubscribe link in the emails. Our customer service is ready to help you out in case you face any difficulties.

A little bit better every day. This applies to everything we do. Including making sure the Coolblue website performs at optimal levels. That’s why we measure the behavior of our visitors through cookies. For example, we measure the page views, zooming in on products or clicking on links. We of course always handle your details with care.

Have a look at our cookie page if you’d like to know more about cookies or adjusting settings.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more, for example where your data is stored or who has access to your data? You can read more here.

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