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GS65 8SF-019NL
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Review score 4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 / 5 stars

“Great performing laptop in a small body”

Eduard | In the version: 32GB RAM - RTX 2070 Max Q
  • Pros:
    This laptop is extremely powerful for it's size
  • Pros:
    While it is a gaming laptop in terms of specs, you can take it to the meeting or library without people looking at you as a gamer
  • Con:
    In terms of fan, under load gets quite loud. However, during everyday use in silent mode you can hardly hear it
  • Con:
    Power brick is very heavy. Laptop itself is reasonable (less than 2 kg), but add a huge power adapter and it is not that portable anymore
  • Con:
    Surface very prone to fingertips
I personally really like the laptop. It is extremely fast, good quality, nice screen, keyboard, and touchpad.
I am not in a gamery looking hardware, so the first thing I did was setting up a flat white keyboard light and put it into silent mode.
However whenever I need performance, it is just there.

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