Bialetti Kitty Black 2 cups

The Bialetti Kitty Black is absolutely not for the cat. This cafetière made entirely of brushed stainless steel has more than just its appearance to fall back on. Because making delicious coffee is really his specialty. Already within a few minutes there is a delicious hot cup of coffee in front of your nose, which smells and tastes delicious. All you have to do to make that delicious coffee is to put water and ground coffee in the cafetière and place it on the gas cooker. No more! It is so with the Bialetti Kitty Black every time you enjoy that delicious coffee in Italy.

Harmonious lines and practical design

The Bialetti Kitty Black looks really eye-catching. On his lines you immediately see that this is an Italian product. And then it is also exceptionally easy to use. Because outside its simple method of preparation, the Bialetti Kitty Black also has a very handy handle. This will not work when the Bialetti Kitty Black is on the stove. So you can easily lift the Bialetti Kitty Black off the gas plate when it has finished preparing coffee. So it is a joy with the Bialetti Kitty Black.

Included by default

  • Manual

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