Dyson Groom Dog comb

The Dyson Groom Dog comb is a very easy way to take care of the dog, without the mess of brushing. You connect the comb easily with the click system and switch on the vacuum cleaner. Then you press the spring and the comb appears. By brushing the comb collects hair and dead skin cells from the dog. If you let go of the spring all the hair disappears quickly into the vacuum cleaner. Comb the coat of the dog, with soft, even strokes. Carry light pressure during brushing to also brush the undercoat. The dog comb has been extensively tested and safe in use. The brush is only suitable for brushing medium to long dog hair and is not suitable for other animals. In addition, you can only use this brush on a dry coat. In short, you want to take good care of the dog and also have no work on cleaning the brush. Then this Dyson Groom dog comb is a very welcome addition.

Recommended combinations

  • Dyson Groom Dog comb + 2nd attachment

    • Dyson Groom Dog comb
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  • Dyson Groom Dog comb + 2x 2nd attachment

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5 years
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Carry-in warranty

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