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Sunred Gemma 1500 Silver
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Pickup in one of our 7 Coolblue stores?

Key specs

Heat source
Mounting surface
Type of heating element
Heating range
14 m2
Usage costs per hour
0,33 euro

Pros and cons

According to our patio heater expert
  • Pros:
    This patio heater loses virtually no heat due to wind.
  • Pros:
    You can quickly and easily turn on an electric patio heater, since you only need to plug it into the power socket.
  • Con:
    The patio heater only has 1 setting, which means you can't adjust the heat intensity according to preference.
Product Expert patio heaters

With a startup time of 5 seconds, you'll quickly feel the heat with the Sunred Gemma 1500 Hanging Silver patio heater. This 1,500-watt heater only weighs 2 kilos, has a diameter of 42.5 centimeters, and is very easy to mount. This way, it remains nice and warm on the patio or on the balcony, even when it's getting colder outside. The Gemma 1500 warms up an area of up to 14 square meters and emits a pleasant light. You can also hang the heater inside, if that's what you prefer. This way, you can also warm up your conservatory or shed. Check the manual to find out where you should and shouldn't hang your product.

Advice from our expert: to heat up closed-off or windy patios of 16m² and up, you need 2 of these patio heaters.

A patio heater uses more power to start up: peak current. You can reduce this peak current with a soft starter, so it doesn't blow your electric circuit. This way, you'll prevent the fuses from blowing.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • Suspension chain

Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by our expert
    recommended by our expert

    Want to heat your whole patio? Get the second and third patio heater with a discount!

    2x Sunred Gemma 1500 Silver

    • Sunred Gemma 1500 Silver
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