Altrex Atlantis 3-Part Reform Ladder ATR 3062 3x10

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Altrex Atlantis 3-Part Reform Ladder ATR 3062 3x10
Altrex Atlantis 3-Part Reform Ladder ATR 3062 3x10
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Ladder caddy
Ladder caddy
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Key specs

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Extension ladder, Reform ladder
Created with Sketch. Professional use
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6,2 m

Pros and cons

According to our ladder expert
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the maximum working height of 7.1 meters, you use the ladder for work on the roof of the first floor, such as a roof inspection.
  • Pros:
    The ladder is suitable for professional use.
  • Pros:
    Because the ladder is freestanding, you're not dependent on a support.
  • Con:
    In unfolded position, you can only climb the steps from 1 side.
Product Expert ladders

With the Altrex Atlantis 3-part reform ladder ATR 3062 3x10, you can safely scale heights. This Heavy-Duty ladder has been developed for daily and long-term use. That's why it's equipped with 37-millimeter deep D-shape rungs for high standing comfort and it's easy to place in the 'A' position, thanks to the reform hook. The push-up hook with safety catch prevents unwanted retraction of the ladder and the stability bar ensures that it doesn't cave. The Atlantis 3-part reform ladder ATR 3062 3x10 is equipped with convenient top rollers and an extra-safe, pressure-resistant spread protection.

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  • Ladder