Nest Protect V2 AC Power

Recommended combinations

  • Aangeraden door onze specialist

    If your Nest Protect detects an emergency with smoke or carbon monoxide, the Nest Cam will automatically record everything, so you can see exactly what happened later.

    Nest Protect V2 AC Power + IP camera

    • Nest Protect V2 AC Power
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  • Nest Protect V2 AC Power + Google Home or Google Home Mini

    • Nest Protect V2 AC Power
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  • Nest Protect V2 AC Power + Thermostat

    • Nest Protect V2 AC Power
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Pros and cons

According to our smoke detector expert
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the Nest app, you're always aware of any dangers in your home.
  • Pros:
    The split-spectrum sensor detects both smoldering and fast-burning fires.
  • Pros:
    A voice will tell you exactly where smoke or carbon monoxide has been detected.
  • Con:
    If you want to connect the Nest Protect wirelessly, choose the Nest Protect V2 (Battery).
  • Con:
    To get the most out of the Nest Protect V2, you'll need a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch.
Product Expert smoke detectors

With the Next Protect V2 AC Power, you'll be aware of any possible smoke development or carbon monoxide leaks in your home anywhere, anytime. Whenever the detector detects smoke or carbon monoxide, it signals you by means of a female voice of 70 decibels. This voice tells you exactly where in the house the danger has has been found. The app also keeps you up to date with respect to low battery status or sensor disruptions. Use WiFi to connect the Nest Protect V2 to other Nest products, like the Nest thermostat and the Nest IP camera. This way, you get more benefits from the separate products. A green light will switch on as soon as the motion detector detects movement in the dark. The Nest Protect V2 (AC Power) works at 230V and 3 AA batteries that are included by default.

The Nest Protect V2 only works with your existing mains electricity.

Note: The back of the Nest on AC power protrudes about half a centimeter. This makes it impossible to install the detector flush with the ceiling, so you have to mount it to a point of contact.

Included by default

  • Battery (3x)
  • Welding clamp (3x)
  • Screw (4x)
  • Mounting support
  • 230V cable plug
  • Introductory guide
  • Manual

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