Edifier R12U 2.0 Speaker Set Black

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Coolblue's Choice

Pros and cons

According to our PC speaker expert
  • Pros:
    This speaker set is easy to connect to your PC or laptop with a USB port.
  • Pros:
    These speakers take up little space on your desk.
  • Con:
    With this 2.0 speaker system, you don't have a subwoofer for extra bass.
Product Expert PC speakers

At home or at the office, you can turn on music in no time with the Edifier R12U speaker for your system for your PC. Connect the Edifier speakers to your PC via the USB-A port and 3.5mm jack and get started with a turn of the volume button. Listen to music on Spotify, watch YouTube videos, or listen to an old-fashioned CD again. If you'd like to enjoy your music on your own for a bit, just connect the headphones via the input at the front.

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  • Manual

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