Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)

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    3x Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)

    • Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)
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  • Alecto SA-33 (3 Units) + Carbon monoxide detector

    • Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)
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  • 4x Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)

    • Alecto SA-33 (3 Units)
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Pros and cons

According to our smoke detector expert
  • Pros:
    The smoke detector runs on batteries, so it's wireless and can be placed anywhere.
  • Pros:
    Link multiple smoke detectors together so they go off simultaneously.
  • Pros:
    The loud, 85dB signal warns you in case of smoke development.
  • Con:
    The smoke detector only detects smoke, not carbon monoxide or heat.
  • Con:
    You can't connect the smoke detector to AC power.
Product Expert smoke detectors

The Alecto SA-33 protects your home or commercial property in case of fire. The package consists of 6 smoke detectors that are immediately ready for use. Link the smoke detectors together wirelessly across distances of up to 60 meters via the connection frequency of 434MHz. Since they're interconnected, all of the smoke detectors will go off simultaneously if fire is detected. The alarm will then produce an audio signal of 85dB. If you'd prefer to install only 1 smoke detector, that's no problem at all. The smoke detectors run on batteries (included). When the batteries are empty, this is indicated by a signal. After you install the smoke detectors, test if they work properly by using the test button and reset the system, whenever necessary, with the reset button.

Included by default

  • AA battery (9x)
  • 9V battery (3x)
  • Base plate (3x)
  • Screws
  • Plugs
  • Manual

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