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Recommended combinations

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    recommended by our expert

    Choose a fitting washing machine with your new dryer.

    AEG T6DB72GP + Washing machine

    • AEG T6DB72GP
    € 1.133,-
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    Delivered tomorrow

Key specs

Energy label
Dryer cycles
Bedding, Jeans, Short, Sportswear, Wool
Condensation drain hose included
Maximum load capacity, drying
7 kg

Pros and cons

According to our dryer expert
  • Pros:
    The ProSense technology features a load sensor that weighs the amount of laundry and automatically adjusts the drying time.
  • Pros:
    The condensation water can be drained directly with a drain hose.
  • Pros:
    Dries a full load of laundry in only 124 minutes.
  • Con:
    With a B energy label, it's a lot less efficient than a heat pump dryer.
Product Expert dryers

The AEG Lavatherm T6DB72GP is a condenser dryer for households of 1 or 2 people. There is room for 7 kilos of laundry in the drum. Once you have started 1 of the 10 cycles, the drum turns in different directions. Your laundry will not clump together and you will get an even dry result. ProSense sensors constantly monitor the humidity of the fabric. If the laundry is dry enough, the dryer will stop drying automatically. A full load of laundry is dry in 124 minutes. Due to the high drying temperature you will dry less economically. The moisture from your laundry enters the condensation tank. If you want to drain this moisture with a hose through the water drain, purchase a hose separately.

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