AEG A6KK4105 Fridge Care Set

With the AEG A6KK4105 refrigerator care set you have a clean and fresh smelling refrigerator in no time. The set consists of 1 fresh food mat, 1 Fresh Plus, 1 refrigerator care spray and 1 washable cloth. The fresh-keeping mat prevents the formation of odors and mold in the vegetable compartment and Fresh Plus absorbs and neutralises odors in the refrigerator. Did you spill some milk during the packing of your pack? Use the soft, washable cloth in combination with the refrigerator care spray to remove stains. This keeps both the inside and outside of your refrigerator fresh and clean.

Included by default

  • 1 fresh-keeping mat
  • 1 Fresh Plus
  • 1 refrigerator care spray
  • 1 washable cloth

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