Philips Hue Buratto Spot Gray

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    recommended by our expert

    Operate the smart lights in your house with the wireless dimmer. That way, you won't need a smartphone.

    Philips Hue Buratto Spot Gray + Draadloze dimmer

    • Philips Hue Buratto Spot Gray
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Key specs

Color light
Usage location
Integrated WiFi
Amount of light (range)
250 lm

Pros and cons

According to our smart lamp expert
  • Pros:
    Choose from different light scenes and create the right ambiance for every occasion.
  • Pros:
    Use the dimmer to select a warmer light color.
  • Pros:
    The lighting point is rotatable, so you can direct the light into every desired corner.
  • Con:
    You can only control the lamp via the app if you have a Philips Hue bridge.
Product Expert smart lamps

With the Philips Hue Buratto Spot Gray you have a different light color for every state of mind. You have the choice between 4 preset light colors, such as a very warm white light for cosiness and a bright white light to focus on. You focus the spot in which direction you want. To dim the spot wirelessly, purchase the Dim Switch. A maximum of 10 lamps can be connected to this dimmer. Do you want to link the spot to your smartphone? Then purchase the Philips Bridge.

Philips Hue lamps are compatible with various smart home platforms such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT and Apple HomeKit.

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Philips Hue Buratto Spot Gray



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