SUITSUIT Caretta Playful Spinner 65cm Hot Pink

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Key specs

57 l
3,4 kg
Build quality
TSA certified
Type of trip
1-2 weeks of vacation

Pros and cons

According to our Suitcase expert
  • Pros:
    A hard-shell case protects your luggage better against rain and impact than a soft-scale suitcase.
  • Pros:
    The suitcase has internal zipper compartments to store your luggage conveniently.
  • Pros:
    The suitcase has 4 wheels and is therefore also upright for you to push out.
  • Con:
    An ABS suitcase is generally less sturdy than a suitcase made of another hard material.
  • Con:
    The suitcase has no TSA number lock, so it will have to be forced by US Customs in the case of an inspection.
Product Expert suitcases

The exterior of the SUITSUIT Caretta Playful Spinner 65 cm suitcase is reminiscent of the hard shell of a turtle. And that is right. The firm scaling protects your gear from bumps and water splashes. And because of the striking color you recognize your suitcase as soon as it arrives on the baggage claim. With a capacity of 57 liters you have enough space for your belongings for 1 to 2 weeks of vacation. The zipper pocket and the crossed bands ensure that your ironed shirts or summer dresses arrive neatly at the place of destination. Because of the 4 rotating wheels and double pull rod the case is easy to roll or push for you. And do you have valuables in your suitcase? They are securely locked and the locker has a lock.

Recommended combinations

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    recommended by our expert

    An extra suitcase for your travel companions

    SUITSUIT Caretta Playful Spinner 65cm Hot Pink + Extra suitcase

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