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  • Recommended by our expert
    recommended by our expert

    Select a matching AEG dryer with your new AEG washing machine to dry your freshly washed laundry right away.

    AEG L7FE94EW + AEG dryer

    • AEG L7FE94EW
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Key specs

Energy label
A+++ -30%
Load capacity
9 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM)
1400 rpm
Brushless motor
Spinning noise level
75 dB

Pros and cons

According to our washing machine expert
  • Pros:
    The ProSteam steaming function lets you refresh your clothes and means there's less ironing.
  • Pros:
    The ProSense technology includes a load sensor that adjusts the cycle duration to the amount of laundry.
  • Pros:
    Very economical washing machine with an A+++-30% energy label.
  • Con:
    The washing machine doesn't have ÖKOMix technology for an even cleaner washing result.
Product Expert washing machines

The AEG L7FE94EW is a very energy-efficient washing machine with ProSteam technology. This function steams your laundry in the drum, leading to a 30% reduction in creases. The washing machine has a load capacity of 9 kilograms and is suitable for households of 10 persons or more. You can pick from 10 washing cycles for woolens, silks, cottons, and jeans. Are you allergic for animal hair or pollen? The anti-allergy cycle will wash your laundry for longer at a high temperature, removing all allergens from your clothes so you won't feel as itchy. If your laundry isn't that dirty, press the 'save time' button to reduce the cycle duration. For an extra-short cycle with a small load, press the button 2 times.

Included by default

  • Manual
  • Inlet hose 1.5m
  • Drain hose 1.45m


Most helpful review

Review score 5 out of 5 stars
5 / 5 stars
"It is a great washing machine, no regrets on the purchase."

By Catalina Dumbraveanu on 15 March 2019

  • Pros:
    It is a silent washing machine. You can barely hear it when it runs the spinning cycle at 1400 rpm. During wash cycle you cannot hear a thing.
  • Pros:
    It is user friendly. The panel is in Dutch, and although I do not speak the language yet, I can use it with no problem.
  • Pros:
    On the panel, the remaining time is displayed, along with the washing cycle progress.
  • Pros:
    The load capacity allows you to wash a big amount of laundry in a single cycle.
  • Con:
    The detergent drawer is a bit small. I use powder, and the recommended amount on the packaging for not that dirty laundry can barely fit in the drawer.

I like the washing cycles. I was looking for a washing machine to have wool cycle. Also, knowing the duration/remaining time of the cycle is a big plus.
It is easy to use. The wash cycle is adjusted to the amount of laundry you have.
I am very happy with how clean the clothes are and how well they are rinsed. At 1400 rpm they come out almost dry.
Another thing I like about it, it's the fact that it's really silent. I have a 1 year old, and the washing machine does not bother her sleep at all. Not even the end of program alarm wakes her up. So one thing I do not have to worry about anymore.

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AEG: up to € 100 cashback

AEG: up to € 100 cashback
If you buy the AEG L7FE94EW between 1 June 2019 and 31 July 2019, you'll receive up to € 100 cashback from AEG. You can register your promotional product for the AEG promotion until 15 August 2019. Go to the promotional Terms and Conditions (PDF) for more information.

New: washing machine subscription

New: washing machine subscription
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