Powerplus POWXG9009

Pros and cons

According to our high-pressure cleaner expert
  • Pros:
    The high-pressure cleaner is also suitable for less small jobs, thanks to the relatively high operating pressure and water yield.
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the reel, you can always neatly roll up the hose to prevent it from kinking or twisting.
  • Con:
    The high-pressure cleaner is not equipped with adjustable water pressure, so it can't be adjusted to a specific job.
Product Expert high-pressure cleaners

Want a high-pressure cleaner without being tied down by hoses and cables? In that case, the POWXG9009 is a good choice. This 4,100-watt high-pressure cleaner is powered by a 208cc gasoline 4-stroke engine. You can clean with as much 173 bar and 540 liters of water per hour. Even without running water, you can get a lot done if you use the tap water connection for a barrel of water. Using the nozzles, you can adjust the water jet to the surface you're cleaning. You can add cleaners to the 2-liter tank if you want. If the engine oil level is too low, the high-pressure cleaner will shut off automatically. With the POWXG9009, even the most stubborn dirt won't stand a chance.

Included by default

  • Manual

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  • Powerplus POWXG9009 + Schoonmaakmiddel voor hogedrukreinigers

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