Yamaha Musiccast SUB100 Black

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Product information

Key specs

Created with Sketch. Integrated WiFi
Created with Sketch. Bluetooth
Created with Sketch. Multi-room audio
Created with Sketch. Material
Created with Sketch. Multi-room functions
Make a stereo pair, Zones separately, Zones simultaneously

Pros and cons

According to our WiFi speaker expert
  • Pros:
    Connect the subwoofer to a MusicCast soundbar and speakers for a surround sound.
  • Pros:
    Due to the compact size, the subwoofer is suitable for small rooms.
  • Con:
    The subwoofer doesn't have a bass reflex port that reproduces the bass sound more deeply.
Product Expert WiFi speakers

Bring movies and series to life with the MusicCast SUB100. Sound effects become more powerful with this subwoofer. Connect the woofer wirelessly via WiFi to other MusicCast speakers in the house. Pair the speaker with a soundbar and rear speakers for a home theater experience.

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