ZENS Dual Wireless Power Bank Charger 9,000mAh Black

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Pickup in one of our 8 Coolblue stores?

Key specs

Battery capacity
9000 milliampere hours
Recommended for product type
E-readers, Navigation systems, Smartphone, Smartwatch
Charging quality
Average charging time Power bank
7 hours
Type of USB port
Standard USB-A

Pros and cons

According to our power bank expert
  • Pros:
    Charge your phone wirelessly to prevent any fumbling with cables.
  • Pros:
    Charge two phones wirelessly at the same time on the power bank.
  • Pros:
    Using the USB-A port, you can also charge devices without Qi.
  • Con:
    The power bank is too large to put in your pants or coat pocket.
Product Expert power banks

With the ZENS Dual Wireless Power Bank, you can charge two phones at the same time and without any cables. Place 1 or 2 phones on the power bank and it'll start charging automatically. This makes this ZENS ideal for on the go: with this power bank, you can charge 2 phones once or twice each, no matter where you are. Thanks to the anti-slip material finish, your phones will stay put while they're charging. Also want to use the power bank to charge phones without Qi (wireless charging)? The ZENS has two USB-A ports for that, which you can also use to charge your power bank. If you charge the power bank with a wireless charger, you won't need any more cables at all.

Note: this power bank comes with a USB-C cable. Check whether your phone has the same connector. If not, use your phone's original cable, or make sure to include the right cable in your shopping cart.

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