Alecto Foam fire extinguisher 6 liters

Extinguish fabrics, liquids, powered machines, and vehicles that are on fire with the Alecto Fire Extinguisher 6 Liters. The foam fire extinguishers has a 6kg capacity and is suitable for at home and in the caravan, but also at the workshop or the office. Place the extinguisher somewhere accessible so you always have it within reach when an unexpected fire breaks out. Never stand further than 1 meter away from the fire when you want to extinguish it. With a maximum pressure of 12 bars, you can extinguish medium-sized fires within a couple of seconds. Safety guaranteed.

Included by default

  • Mounting bracket
  • Manual

Recommended combination

  • 2x Alecto Foam fire extinguisher 6 liters

    • Alecto Foam fire extinguisher 6 liters
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