Optoma LV130

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Pickup in one of our 10 Coolblue stores?

Pickup in one of our 10 Coolblue stores?

Recommended combinations

  • Recommended by our expert
    recommended by our expert

    Create your ideal projection setup with this mount, the screen and the extra long HDMI cable.

    Optoma LV130 + Projection screen + Ceiling Mount + HDMI cable

    • Optoma LV130
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Key specs

Wide VGA
Projector technology
300 lm
Contrast ratio
Projection ratio
1,1 m

Pros and cons

According to our projector expert
  • Pros:
    Thanks to the integrated battery, you can take the projector anywhere.
  • Pros:
    You don't need separate speakers, because of the integrated speaker.
  • Con:
    The image will be pixelated and small details won't be very visible because of the WVGA resolution.
Product Expert projectors

With the Optoma LV130, you always have a projector within reach. This compact LED projector only weighs 400 grams and includes a bag. This is convenient if you often need to project presentations or videos at various locations. It doesn't matter if there isn't a socket nearby, since the projector is equipped with a battery. If it's fully charged, this battery lasts up to 4.5 hours. Thanks to the integrated speaker, you will never be without sound. When you want to fill the room with a more powerful sound, you can connect a separate speaker set to the 3.5mm output.

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