Exit Elegant Economy 214 x 366 cm Black

Key specs

Type of trampoline
On frame legs
Maximum jumping weight
120 kilograms
Quality level
Trampoline mat surface
5,1 square meterd

Pros and cons

According to our trampoline expert
  • Pros:
    A trampoline on legs is not a fixed element in the garden so you can remove it at any time.
  • Pros:
    With a rectangular trampoline you have less empty space than with a round trampoline.
  • Pros:
    The frame is powder coated and galvanized so that it does not rust quickly.
  • Con:
    If the safety net has been attached to the trampoline, it won't be possible to place the protective cover as well.
Product Expert Trampolines

At the Exit Elegant Economy 214 x 366 cm, in addition to jumping pleasure, safety comes first. This way the net over the feathers prevents children's feet from ending up between the springs. In addition, the trampoline has a protective edge of 20 millimeters thick that completely covers the springs. The supplied safety net has a self-closing door, so there is no opening during jumping. The frame is both powder coated and galvanized, which reduces the risk of rust formation when a frame is not treated with these techniques. This way your sports enthusiast will enjoy beautiful jumps on this trampoline for a long time. Try a jump yourself. The maximum jumping weight is 120 kilograms.

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